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A Storybook includes 10 pieces, for a total of 10-20 pages:

1. Branding Style Guide

2. Writing Style Guide

3. Pieces on a Pedestal

4. Words to Avoid and Words to Use Instead

5. Mission & Vision Statements with Elevator Speeches

6. This Year In Numbers

7. This Year In Pictures

8. Go-To Paragraphs

9. In Their Own Words testimonials

10. Organization Online Presence


A Storybook is NOT a press packet. Rather, it's an internal document that those who speak about your company can use as a cheat sheet, a refresher, and even as the beginning of pieces to be published.

A Storybook should be fairly easy for you to create. Most likely, this information is rolling around your brain, or the brains of others working with and for your organization. But, as busy executive directors or program managers or board presidents or whatever your title might be, we don't take the time to sit down and compile information.

A Storybook is NOT a dead document. It's a living one. Every year you should update your Year in Numbers and Year in Pictures, and switch out a few of your testimonials. Refine and edit to keep it and your organization's self-images strong and clear.


A Storybook should end up saving you money.

And help you raise more money.

By providing new staff and consultants with a concise introduction to your organization, they can be productive sooner. Current staff won't have to spend time curating and compiling this information when someone new comes on board. And contract grant writers, website designers, and consultants will be able to work their magic more easily when they are provided with information. Your published pieces will be more uniform. And when your community's understanding of what you do comes into clearer focus, their support will increase. 



Enroll in our course through The course is self-paced, and once you buy it, it’s yours forever. You’ll receive a copy of all of the templates, and step by step instructions broken down into six units to work through the process.


$99.00 for course with templates in individual files
$109.00 for course with template for entire storybook in one file, including cover and table of contents.

Specialized Storybook options are coming soon.

Purchase the Storybook templates a la cart

Purchase the Storybook templates a la cart and complete only the pieces you think are most useful or necessary.

Template packages range from $19.99-$99.99 and are coming soon.

General Instructions
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Hire one of our trained coaches

Hire one of our trained coaches to work directly with your organization to create a Storybook.  

Options include:

  • One or two day workshop, such as at a board retreat.

  • Working with a coach over several weeks remotely.

  • Having a coach come to your organization for several days or a week to work on site.

We work with clients to create a package that is just the right size for them, including services and price.  Please contact us for pricing.


While there is value in completing the process internally, we can do it for you. You provide required documents and participate in two to three hour long conversations about your organization and we’ll present you with the final product.


Packages start at $999.99. Contact us to confirm your organization’s price.

Hire us to do it for you